The origins of Motivate U Education Inc. can be traced back to a driving ideology that formed the foundation of our mission. Although our journey began with a focus on professional development it has evolved into so much more. Surrounding ourselves with people who have similar goals of growth led to an entirely new vision and framework from which our company is now based. As we went through the process of creating events and programs to generate professional development through personal growth, our eyes were opened to new avenues for economic and social development. This transformational thought process resulted in us offering Life Coaching Groups, our customized corporate retreats, as well as bringing the world-class Disney Business Institute to Northern Alberta.

In connecting with various groups of visionaries and entrepreneurs, we discovered a world of new frontiers in emerging and disruptive technologies that have the potential to change the landscape of our local, not to mention global community.  Through hosting professional development seminars where we discussed creative and innovative thinking, a common purpose was found – being at the forefront of pioneering new businesses and technologies that focus on improving the world around us. Our corporate vision now combines philanthropy and capitalism, the ultimate mix of personal and professional development. We are finding that through our initiatives, we are able to help the citizens in our community to grow on a grand scale, which is having a positive impact on their successes.

As a result of our new consciousness, we recently incorporated Renewable U Energy Inc. to bring to Grande Prairie, a leading-edge “waste to energy” technology, that for over a decade has been in the works of being commercialized by Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. and a number of predecessor companies. A little over a year ago we were introduced to Cielo, which is a relatively unknown public company, that had purchased in April of 2017 a defunct bio-diesel refinery, about 25km south of Calgary in Aldersyde, Alberta. Cielo purchased the facility so as to be able to build and commission a refinery validating that their proprietary technology could be scaled-up to produce high-grade renewable diesel from multiple different waste feedstocks, including wood waste, municipal blue-box waste, used tires and all seven types of plastic. Eighteen months later, Cielo is in the final stage of being in a position to start selling its high-grade renewable diesel from its Aldersyde Refinery. Over the years many companies have attempted, yet failed in the end, to solve the major problem of what to do with the garbage generated by the 7 billion people on the planet. Cielo is on the cusp of delivering the solution of being able to transform garbage into a renewable resource! Cielo’s cost-effective solution has the potential to reduce the amount of garbage going into landfills by over 50%.

Once the Aldersyde refinery is up and running on a continuous flow basis, the plan is to start building these refineries wherever there is a need to get rid of waste and garbage, and by that we mean EVERYWHERE! Cielo is positioning itself to be noticed by mainstream businesses and enterprises, who either have a waste problem or would like to be part of the solution. Once the Aldersyde Refinery is fully operational the sky will be the limit for global deployment of Cielo’s green refineries.

After conducting extensive due diligence, Renewable U approached Cielo to build refineries together, firstly in Grande Prairie, on a Joint Venture basis. This strategy will help Cielo to accelerate the adoption of their solution without having to deploy any capital. Renewable U’s principals are excited to be at the forefront of working together with Cielo’s team to make the planet a better place for generations to come.

In this regard, Renewable U is proud to be the first joint venture partner that Cielo has chosen to do business with to build the very first scaled-up, fully operational, Cielo refinery in the WORLD, right here in Alberta. Aligning ourselves with strategic partners and investors in the JV, we have created a business model that can be scaled exponentially and create a sustainable business that is also an extremely viable and profitable enterprise. Renewable U is a “guilt-free” enterprise at its finest… being at the front of a PLANET-SAVING initiative while creating a healthy and happy life for our partners, our investors, ourselves, our families and our loved ones.

Motivate U started off with the idea of making people around us BETTER, in every way; with their jobs, their relationships and most importantly themselves. The transformation of that dream, to build into the ultimate goal of contributing to the health and success of the WORLD at the same time, has fulfilled the dreams of our own self-improvement to levels we thought impossible just a few short years ago.